Lumecon LROF - Ring of Fire ®

The Lumecon High Output LED Light engine utilizes the Lumecon ETD™ (Enhanced Thermal Dissipation) System. The ETD System Engines are thermally bonded to provide maximum thermal dissipation to the exterior of the fixture to ensure long life.  To protect the light engine panel from moisture and corrosion, the LED light engine panel is uniformly coated with a UV stabilized acrylic polymer resin that meets MIL and ASTM dielectric standards and UL and IPC standards for flammability, moisture resistance and thermal shock.

LROF - Type III:  35 watts
LROF -  Type V: 60 watts
LROF - HO - Type III: 68 watts
LROF - HO - Type V: 112 watts

LROF - Type III:  2,200 lumens
LROF -  Type V: 3,781 lumens
LROF - HO - Type III: 4,125 lumens
LROF - HO - Type V: 7,164 lumens

LEDs are mounted to the inside of the Trim Ring which also doubles as a heat sink for optimal heat dissipation. This process allows the heat generated by the LEDs to exit the globe helping achieve a minimum of 90,000 hours of continuous operation at ambient temperatures from -40°F (-40°C) to 130°F (+55°C ).

Both the Standard and High Output versions are available in Type 3 and Type 5 light distribution patterns. The Standard Type 5 runs at 60 watts and provides 3,780 lumens, and the Type 3 runs at 35 watts and provides approximately 2,195 lumens. The High Output Type 5 runs at 112 watts and produces 7,164 lumens, and the Type 3 emits approximately 4,100 lumens at 68 watts.

The Ring of Fire® uses a special “outdoor white” Cree High Output XTE LED that measures 4600K on the Kelvin temperature scale. Perfect for promoting safety, security and high visibly.

A two-piece, post top component which features precise prisms achievable only through injection molding. The prisms provide pleasing daytime “prismatic sparkle” and provide excellent uniformity, light distribution and efficiency for nighttime performance.­­­­ Available in acrylic or polycarbonate. House-side shield also available for Type 3 applications to blank out backlight.

There are also 2 options for limiting uplight that is emitted from the fixture. The Perforated Litelid is a polished reflector above the LEDs that limits uplight to approximately 30% in the upper globe. The Cutoff Litelid is a solid polished reflector that virtually eliminates light to the upper globe.

Each power supply (driver ) is UL 1310 compliant, operating from a 60 HZ +/- 3 HZ AC line over a voltage ranging from 95 volts to 280 volts. Each driver is an efficient switcher with a power factor of 0.99 with less than 20% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Fluctuations of the line voltage have no visible effect on the luminous output. Each driver includes voltage surge protec­tion to withstand high repetition noise transients while meeting emission limits as set forth by the FCC Title 47, Subpart B, Section 15. 347-480 volt 50/60 HZ driver available at an additional cost. 20kV surge suppression is also included standard. 0 - 10v dimming inputs are also available.

*Meets Buy American requirements within the ARRA

*The Michigan State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) has qualified the Lumecon Ring of Fire® as an acceptable look for applicable Historic Applications. 

For all available options see LROF Cut Sheet

Download the LROF - Ring of Fire® Cut Sheet (rev.3.4.2015) (PDF Format)

Download the LROF - Ring of Fire® - Decorative Cut Sheet (3.4.2015) (PDF Format)

Download Photometric Results in an IES File Format (standard version)

Download Photometric Results in an IES File Format (High Output)



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