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Lumecon is offering another
FREE LED seminar!

***Please note all seminars are held at Lumecon's headquarters in Farmington Hills Michigan unless another location is indicated.***

Many Municipalities, Universities, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Distributors and Specifiers are facing the challenge of determining and specifying the correct LED products for their applications.

If you or anyone you know who might want to learn more about LEDs and LED technology please pass this invitation along.
The date for our next seminar is June 26, 2013 in Farmington Hills.

We will cover the challenge of determining and specifying the correct LED products for towns, contractors, distributors or specifiers.

In this seminar, experts from the LED industry will address each question below:

1. Is your LED supplier a reliable company?

2. Can I get any color of light that I want? 6000K? 2700K? What are the ramifications?

3. What is your warranty and do you have the means to stand behind it?

4. Has your supplier provided an LM-80 test report?

5. Is the fixture Energy Star rated?

6. Do you have an In Situ Temperature test report from an independent lab?

7. What is the L70 lifetime of your fixture and how was it calculated?

8. Can you supply an IES LM-79 test report from a 3rd party laboratory as well as an .ies file?

9. What are the delivered lumens and lm/W of the fixture?

10. Is the chromaticity of the fixture in the ANSI C78.377A color space, and is it stable over time? How do you know?

11. What is the Power Factor of the fixture? How much power does it consume in the “off” state?

12. Will your fixture meet IES lighting standards for my application?

This seminar will help you to specify and choose a quality well built LED fixture for your application

Follow this link to sign up for the June 26, 2013 Seminar




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